Materials Working Group, Spring 2014

Organized by Bob Kohn

Most "Materials Working Group" talks are by people at Courant
(students, postdocs, visitors and faculty), discussing their
recent or current work. The talks are informal, with 
plenty of discussion. A record of prior activity
is here. 

Our timeslot in Spring 2014 is Tuesday 11-12:30 in 
room 1314 WWH.
An email list for relevant announcements is
maintained by Bob Kohn (kohn at cims dot nyu dot edu).

Spring 2014:

Feb 4: Matt Elsey will discuss recent progress on 
threshold-dynamics-based schemes for anisotropic curvature 
flows (work with Selim Esedoglu and Felix Otto)
Feb 11: No meeting 
Feb 18: Alex Shtukenberg (Chemistry) will talk about the 
twisting of (long, thin) crystals. 
Feb 25: No meeting
March 4: Kangping Zhu will discuss a model problem from the
machine learning literature, involving "prediction" without
March 11: Ian Tobasco will discuss recent work by 
Yury Grabovsky and Davit Harutyunyan, on the buckling 
of thin-walled cylinders under axial compression.
March 17: Spring break
March 24: No meeting
April 1: Kris Reyes (Princeton) will discuss his work on 
"Small-Data Materials Informatics," especially a current project 
with an experimental group on optimizing the stability of a
nano-emulsion without full knowledge of system's kinetic parameters. 
This involves simultaneously performing the optimization and learning 
the kinetics, through a relatively small number of well-chosen