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Funding Your Education

This program does not offer scholarships, grants, teaching/research assistantships, or funding of any kind.

Foreign students on student visas are not allowed to work off-campus during their first two semesters of study.  Moreover, foreign students should not expect to work on campus, since there are few opportunities of this kind.

Most full-time students (including foreign students) do summer internships after their second semester.  Internships typically pay $1000 - $1800 per week, before taxes.

The Graduate School of Arts and Science offers the Tuition Incentive Program for those who receive awards from outside agencies. US Students may seek loans through the Financial Aid office. International students may obtain information about financial aid here.

Tuition and Fees
Please see the Bursar's website for the current schedule of tuition and fees and payment deadlines.

All students accepted into a full-time master's program are eligible to apply for on-campus housing but many students opt for off-campus housing. Further information about housing options can be obtained from the Housing Office.