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Hewlett Packard Design Jet 755CM - Large-Format Color 300dpi Printer/Plotter: Usage

Hewlett Packard Design Jet 755CM - Large-Format Color 300dpi Printer/Plotter

The printer accepts both Postscript (ps) and Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (hpgl) files. Maximum size for postscript output is 3 feet x 9 feet and for hpgl is 3 feet x 50 feet.

We have found that the processing time takes from 6 to 90 minutes when printing posters. During this time the LED screen on the printer will be flashing the word "Processing". Postscript lines and stroke fonts have to be reinterpreted as dots/inch, thus add time. The printing time is consistent with the amount of information in the drawing. Thus have some patience while waiting for the machine to begin printing.

The machine has 3 print qualities which can be set on the front panel - best, normal, and fast.
The users manual is available on-line or locally in /tools/aml-estarose/printers.

Some Suggestions for Creating Posters:

Viewing Large-Sized Posters on a Computer Screen

Hints and Problems:


- The printer is in the hallway of WWH 11th floor by room 1104. Spare ink and paper rolls for the printer are found in WWH 1104. Instructions for replacing paper rolls and ink are found in the pocket at the back-right of the printer. For supplies, help in loading paper into the printer, and any problems contact Estarose Wolfson in room 1104 or David McQueen in WWH 510.