MATH-UA 212 Mathematics for Economics II

4 points. Spring Term. Includes a recitation section.

Course Description

This course is only open to Economics Majors and prospecftive majors. If an Economics Major decides to double or joint major in Math these courses will replace Calculus I - III, along with Math for Economics III.

By the end of Math for Economics II, students should have a complete understanding of optimization and should be able to apply the Lagrange multipliers approach to constrained optimization problems. They will also learn to solve systems of equations using linear algebra. Time permitting, they will also be exposed to the principal methods of dynamic analysis of economic processes, and introductory concepts and results of integration and differential equations. A student should be able to find solutions of elementary differential equations and analyze their stability.


Completion of MATH-UA 211 Mathematics for Economics I with a grade of C or higher, or passing departmental placement exam.

Cannot apply both Calculus courses and Math for Economics courses towards your major.

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