MATH-UA 235 Probability And Statistics

4 points. Offered in the spring.

Course Description

A combination of MATH-UA 233 Theory of Probability and MATH-UA 234 Mathematical Statistics at a more elementary level, so as to afford the student some acquaintance with both probability and statistics in a single term. In probability: mathematical treatment of chance; combinatorics; binomial, Poisson, and Gaussian distributions; law of large numbers and the normal approximation; application to coin-tossing, radioactive decay, etc. In statistics: sampling; normal and other useful distributions; testing of hypotheses; confidence intervals; correlation and regression; applications to scientific, industrial, and financial data.


MATH-UA 122 Calculus II or MATH-UA 212 Math for Economics II (for Economics majors) with a grade of C or better and/or the equivalent. Not open to students who have taken MATH-UA 233 Theory of Probability and/or MATH-UA 234 Mathematical Statistics.

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