FAQ for Fall 2020 curricular plans

For Ph.D. Students

1. What are the department’s plans regarding graduate courses for Fall 2020?

All regular graduate courses will be offered in the Fall. Some may be held fully-remote and some others blended. Regardless of the delivery mode, all courses will also be accessible remotely, in asynchronous mode.

2. How about Spring 2021?

The available modes of instruction for Spring 2021 will depend on the conditions at the time as well as the decisions made by the State of New York.

3. Will there be in-person classes and meetings?

Subject to distancing requirements and availability of space, PhD students on campus can expect access to in-person instruction, advising, and research activities. All of these will also be available remotely to the extent that is practically possible.

4. Will it be possible to work in WWH?

It is expected that all students and faculty will have regular access to their offices in WWH. However, distancing requirements in place may limit the amount of time, and the frequency with which office space will be accessible.


5. What are the plans for research seminars?

It is expected that all of our regular research seminars will resume, either online or in person, or both.