Materials Working Group, Fall 2017

Organized by Bob Kohn

"Materials Working Group" talks are mainly by people at Courant
(students, postdocs, visitors and faculty), discussing their
recent or current work. The talks are informal, with 
plenty of discussion. A record of last spring's talks 
is here. 

Our timeslot in Fall 2017 is Monday at 11 in WWH 1314 (but not every week). 
An email list for relevant announcements is
maintained by Bob Kohn (kohn at cims dot nyu dot edu).

Fall 2017:

Oct 2: Amy Novick-Cohen (Technion) will speak on
"Surface diffusion and related problems" Abstract.
Oct 16: Thilo Simon (NJIT) will speak on
"Rigidity of branching microstructures in shape-memory alloys" Abstract.
Oct 23: Cyrill Muratov (NJIT) will speak on
"A universal thin film model for Ginzburg-Landau energy with dipolar interaction" Abstract.
Oct 30: No meeting. But note that Yoshikazu Giga (Tokyo Univ)
will give a Special Analysis Seminar on Thurs 11/2 at 3:30pm in WWH 705, on 
"Approximation by Cahn-Hoffman facets and the crystalline mean curvature flow" Abstract.