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Academic Integrity Statement and Policy

The policy described here applies to all students, faculty, fellows, graders, and administrators involved in the Mathematics in Finance Master’s program. All must make a serious commitment to academic integrity, as it is a shared responsibility. The consequences of cheating are serious for the cheater and for the program as a whole.

Given the nature of the finance industry and its interview-based hiring process, learning is far more important than getting a top grade. Even cheating that goes undetected is unlikely to benefit the cheater.


  • Students will ensure that the rules set forth by each instructor are followed for each class.  Rules such as use of outside resources, common write-ups, and code sharing should be followed as outlined by each instructor.
  • Students are required to immediately report cheating incidents they observe to the program administrator or to a faculty member. In addition, they should report situations that encourage cheating, such as extreme workloads, graders or instructors who tolerate or do not detect obvious cheating, or improperly supervised exams.
  • During an exam, students may not communicate in any way, nor use any materials or technology not explicitly permitted by the instructor, other than pens and pencils. No cellphone or other electronic devices may be used during the exam; they should be stored away. Students may not look at each other’s test during the exam.
  • A student caught cheating on an assignment may have their grade for the class reduced by one letter at the first offense and their grade reduced to an F at the second offense. Cheating on an exam will immediately result in an F for the class. Repeated offenses or offenses in multiple classes may result in more serious penalties including expulsion from the program.
  • Students are not allowed to record (photography, audio and/or video) any lectures, seminars, or other school activities or sessions without written permission of the instructor(s).
  • Students are not permitted to share course materials outside of class without written permission of the instructor(s).

All disciplinary actions will be taken in accordance with the policies of the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science.

The instructor must notify the student and the program leadership within two days of discovering the infraction. Designated people from the program leadership will meet as soon as is practical with the student to discuss the incident and decide a penalty. They will inform (1) the Vice Dean of the Graduate School of their decision, and (2) the student of his or her right to appeal as explained in the Graduate School policy document.