Class Graduating in December 2017

These students started in the full-time program in September 2016 and are seeking full-time employment upon graduation in December 2017. A resume book of all students on the job market is available below.

If you are interested in recruiting our students for permanent positions, please feel free to reach out to them directly. We can assist in setting up on-campus presentations and interviews. Please contact the Program Administrator (Michelle Shin) via email or phone.

The complete resume book of all students on the job market as well as individual student resumes are available by clicking the links below. 


Resume Book

  • Ziyan (Amy) An
  • Alex Ran Ao
  • Flavien Bellocq
  • Xin (Shane) Cui
  • Yafei (Rafael) Cui
  • Xinyu (Susan) Fan
  • Gerardo Flores Gonzalez
  • Mario Raul Franco Ortega
  • Chong Guo
  • Qiyu (Johnny) Han
  • Daniele Imperiale
  • Oyinlola (Lola) Lesi
  • Ao (Leo) Li
  • Kaili (Kelly) Li
  • Xiaohua (Levin) Liu
  • Frederick Newton McCollum IV
  • Yuan (Thomas) Ni
  • Shuyu (Suzie) Pan
  • Feng (Ravel) Shen
  • Qian (Cecilia) Shen
  • Huangyi (Elaine) Shi
  • Zhengyao (Nick) Wang
  • Lihua (Lily) Xiong
  • Lejing Xu
  • Jinghan (Eve) Ying
  • Xiaohe (Charlotte) Yu
  • Xinyi (Marta) Yu
  • Qianhui (Mary) Zhang
  • Zixiang (Eric) Zhao
  • Zaihao (Trevor) Zhou
  • Yuhe (Heather) Zhu