Faculty Profile

Photograph of Alfred Galichon

Alfred Galichon

Professor of Economics and Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 526


Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, USA, 2007.
M.S., Engineering, Ecole des Mines de Paris (Corps des Mines), France, 2003.
B.S., Mathematics and Economics, École Polytechnique, France, 2000.

Research Interests

My current research interests revolve around Optimal Transportation theory and its applications to Economics, Finance, and Data Science.

Select Publications

G. Carlier, V. Chernozhukov, and A. Galichon, "Vector Quantile Regression: an Optimal Transport approach", Annals of Statistics (forthcoming)
I. Ekeland, A. Galichon, and M. Henry, "Comonotonic measures of multivariate risks", Mathematical Finance 22, 1, 109-132 (2012)
G. Carlier, A. Galichon, F. Santambrogio, "From Knothe’s transport to Brenier’s map", SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 41, 6, 2554-2576 (2010)

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