Intrinsic and Dual Volume Deviations of Convex Bodies and Polytope

Steven Hoehner, Longwood University

Date and time: 2pm, Friday, September 27, 2019

Place: CUNY Graduate Center, Rm 5383

We establish estimates for the asymptotic best approximation of the Euclidean unit ball by polytopes under a notion of distance induced by the intrinsic volumes. We also introduce a notion of distance between convex bodies that is induced by the Wills functional, and apply it to derive asymptotically sharp bounds for approximating the ball in high dimensions. Remarkably, it turns out that there is a polytope which is almost optimal with respect to all intrinsic volumes simultaneously, up to an absolute constant.

Finally, we establish asymptotic formulas for the best approximation of smooth convex bodies by polytopes with respect to a distance induced by dual volumes, which originate from Lutwak’s dual Brunn–Minkowski theory.

Joint work with Florian Besau and Gil Kur.