Open Problems about Convex Polytopes

Gil Kalai, Reichman University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and NYU

Date and time: 2pm (New York time), Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Place: See below

Click here for an introductory video, to be viewed before you attend the talk

Convex polytopes have attracted human attention since ancient times. Euler's formula, $V-E+F=2$, for the numbers of vertices $V$, edges $E$, and faces $F$ of a 3-dimensional polytope, is among the most important landmarks of mathematics, and it is a starting point for a rich theory of face numbers of polytopes in high dimensions. Another important landmark is Cauchy's rigidity theorem. In the lecture I will present nine fascinating open problems about polytopes and through them mention some combinatorial results about polytopes and connections with other areas.

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