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Here we provide various links to known resources for the orals, and also a few common themes for questions that have been previously asked. Feel free to add anything that is missing! Note that the wiki is set so that search engines do not index the pages.

Update! The PAQ has now been split into topics and put onto the wiki. See the topics at the bottom of the page in the pages titled Orals: Topic PAQ . Some may take awhile to load all the math. Note that you may click the "Printable Version" link in the toolbox on the bottom left and print to pdf so that you do not have to reload the math every time.



February 2009

April 2009

April 2010

  • Evan Chou - Real, Complex, Functional, Harmonic, Probability
  • Eduardo Corona - Real, Complex, PDE, Integral Equations, Functional
  • Thomas Fai - Real, Complex, ODE, PDE, Fluids
  • Jens Jorgensen - Real, Complex, ODE, PDE, Functional
  • Sean Li - Real, Complex, Differential Geometry, Functional, Probability
  • Sandra May - Real, Functional, PDE, Fluids, (Numerical) Optimization

October 2010

February 2011

April 2011

October 2011

April 2012

October 2012

February 2013

April 2013

February 2014

April 2014

  • Yair Daon - Real, Complex, Information Theory, Numerics, Probability. Specials: Statistical Mechanichs, Thermodynamics, Monte Carlo, Statistics
  • Federico Buonerba - Real, Complex, Differential Geometry, Algebra, Algebraic Topology
  • Qiu Yang - GFD,Atmosphere Dynamics, Climate Dynamics, PDE, Numerics

October 2014

February 2015

April 2015

  • Monty Essid - Complex, PDE, Real, Functional, Probability
  • James Fennell - Complex, PDE, Real, Functional, Differential Geometry
  • Jiajun Tong - Complex, PDE, Real, Functional, Harmonic
  • Yifei Sun - Complex, Applied Stochastic, PDE, Numerical, Optimization
  • Sunli Tang - Complex, Real, PDE, Numerical, Stochastics

April 2016

  • Aman Gupta - PDE, Numerics, Fluids, Atmospheric Dynamics, Climate Dynamics

October 2016

  • Jason Kaye - PDE, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Mechanics

April 2017

October 2017

  • Han Wang - Applied Stochastic Analysis, Numerical Methods, Ocean Dynamics, Climate Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics
  • Brett Bernstein - Real Variables, Probability, Numerical Methods, Convex Optimization, Algorithms
  • Karina Koval - Numerical Methods, PDE, Applied Stochastics, Real, Complex
  • Rodion Deev - Differential Geometry, Lie Groups, Real, Algebra, Complex
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