Writtens Workshop: 2011 Spring

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General Information

Instructor: Evan Chou (chou at cims)

Location/Time: 312 WWH, Tuesdays 7:10p-9p

Office: 608 WWH

Office Hours: By appointment


Advanced Calculus

Linear Algebra

  • March 1: Change of Basis, Eigenvalues, Spectral Theorem, Jordan Form, Characteristic and Minimal Polynomial, Min-Max Theorem
  • March 8: Orthogonality, Projections/Reflections, SVD, Least Squares
  • March 15: No class (Spring Break)
  • March 22 : Trace and Determinant, Positive Definite Matrices
  • March 29: Miscellaneous... Inner Product Spaces (Riesz Representation and Adjoints), Matrix Norms, Matrix Power Series

Complex Analysis

  • April 5: Starting with Argument Principle, Rouche's Theorem, Cauchy Integral Formula
  • April 12: Laurent Series/Power Series, Classification of Singularities, Branch Cuts
  • April 19: Residue Theorem, Contour Integration
  • April 26: Finish some Contour Integrals, Möbius Transformations, Conformal Mapping
  • May 3: Maximum Principle, Harmonic Functions

Note: Later stopped including problems because they come from just going to the section and sampling the problems :)

See Also

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