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New York Kayak Polo ( is a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting the sport of Kayak Polo (also known as Canoe Polo) in the New York City area.

Everybody is welcome to come and learn this exciting sport!


Upcoming events: NYKP Spring Splash Fundraiser.


2006-2007 Winter pool season

In the Winter we play on Sundays between 9 am and 12 noon at Saint Peters College Pool in Jersey City and on Wednesday evenings between 8:30 and 10:00pm at the same pool. For a map, directions and a more detailed schedule click on the tabs on the left.

Kayak Polo:What's that?

It's a game like water polo but on small kayaks.Two teams with 5 players each play against each other; in small kayaks on flatwater in a 35m by 23m pitch. Goals hang at both ends 2m above the water. The idea of the game is to outscore the opposite team. Strategies such as zone defense, full court press, and fast break are typical in Kayak Polo. Paddlers move the ball by throwing it, dribbling it, passing it to a team member, or shooting it at the opposing team's goal. When a player is in possession of the ball, an opposing player may hand tackle him with a hand push on the upper body or kayak tackle their boat to upset balance. The object is to force the player in possession to lose control of the ball. The opposing player can also choose to block passes and shots with a paddle, as the ball is being passed or shot.

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Membership Fees

Members shall renew their membership, since their dues help to pay for the new equipment we have been acquiring. Membership is $170 per year and it entitles them to the use of the public boats and gear during all the practices in the Hudson and in tournaments. However, this year membership does not include insurance and members must become ACA members as well.

Follow this link to become and ACA member, remember to type New York Kayak Polo as the Paddle America Club you are a member of.

Otherwise, a $10 fee for insurance per event will be collected from anyone, members or nonmembers.

In addition, nonmembers must pay a $10 fee for gear use per day.

Contact Info

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To contact us, you can email us at nykayakpolo *a*t* gmail .com or check the yahoo group nykakaypolo (

For the most up to date information join the Yahoo group nykayakpolo and drop us a line about practices and games or email nykayakpolo at gmail D0T com.

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