Estarose Wolfson

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS),
New York University    Mathematics Department
251 Mercer Street    New York, N.Y., 10012
WWH 1104    1-212-998-3304    estarose at

Born: New York, New York


Hunter College High School, New York, N.Y.
Queens College (CUNY), BS, Mathematics, Queens, New York
University of Paris VII, Maitrise en Sciences Mathematique (MS), Paris, France


Work Experience

Early work experience/ Pre-NYU work experience:

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Solid State Physics, Upton, LI, NY
Wrote programs related to solid state physics problems (very early programming in Fortran IV).
College de France, Laboratoire de Physiques Atomique et Moleculaire, Paris, France
Wrote programs related to high energy physics problems. Also wrote a program for a Latin concordance, for a researcher at the College de France.
CIMA, Centre d'Informatique et Mathematique en Architecture,
University of Paris 6, UP6 Architecture
, Paris, France
Did research in applying computer graphics to the field of architecture. Worked mainly on visibility problems.

New York University (NYU) and New York University Medical Center (NYU Med):

Computational Neuroscience Laboratory, Dept. of Psychiatry, NYU Med
Eric Schwartz Director, also located in the Robotics Laboratory, Computer Science Dept, Courant Institute, NYU
Research in creating a computer model of the visual cortex, flattening the model (geodesic distances, shortest distances on 3-D surfaces), simulations of log and exponential mappings of visual images between the eye and the cortex.
Systems programming for computer and graphics machines.
Robotics Laboratory, Computer Science Department,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Research with Professor Micha Sharir , research in motion planning problems.
Academic Computing Facility (ACF - renamed ITS), Science Group, NYU
Solved problems in scientific visualization and parallel computing for the NYU community.
Taught short courses on scientific visualization. Wrote articles for Connect magazine on scientific visualization. Created Web Pages (very early).
Optical Mapping Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, NYU
Keck Laboratory, David Schwartz Director.
Did programming and systems programming using the technique of optical mapping of the genome.
Brain Research Laboratory, Dept. of Psychiatry, NYU Med
John Roy/ Leslie Prichep Directors.
Consulting: computer problems, systems programming and scientific visualization
The Laboratory studies consciousness and drug related effects on the brain.
Center for Atmosphere/Ocean Sciences (CAOS), Mathematics Dept,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Working currently with this group.
Work with Professors David Holland, Richard Kleeman, Andrew Majda, Olivier Pauluis, and Shafer Smith.
Work also with post-docs and graduate students.
Scientific visualization, solving computer problems, systems programming, solving hardware problems, web design. Web programming for visualizing data sent from cameras, data stations, and probes on seals in the Antarctic and Greenland. Developing heuristic algorithms for finding the percentage of clouds in the sky from the images sent from the cameras.
Applied Mathematics Laboratory (AML), Mathematics Dept,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Working currently with this group.
Work with Professors Steve Childress, Charles Peskin, Mike Shelley, and Jun Zhang.
Work also with other math faculty, post-docs and graduate students.
Writing scientific visualization software, parallel computing (message passing programming), creating sound from mathematically generated data, solving computer problems, system programming, web design in a fluid dynamics laboratory.

Computers and Art:

Consulting with husband, artist Manfred Mohr
Manfred Mohr web page
Pioneer in using the computer and algorithms in his art.
Survey of Computers and Art in New York
For CIMA, Paris , France, Manuscript, 1973


Publications, Articles, and Scientific Visualizations on the Web

Estarose Wolfson
Architecture et Methodologies - Special informatique, Catalogue de Programmes - Architecture et Environment, Centre D'Etudes et de Recherches Architecturales, Mai 1978 P 90-98, Janvier 1979, P 55-63

Tramway - Generation de Grilles, Accès Visuel / Grid Generation, Visual Access
Estarose Wolfson
Centre D'Informatique et Methologie en Architecture (CIMA)
Unpublished Manuscript 1979 - in French and English
Paris, France

Applications of Computer Graphics and Image Processing to 2D and 3D Modeling of the Functional Architecture of the Visual Cortex
Eric L. Schwartz, Bjorn Merker, Estarose Wolfson, and Alan Shaw
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, July 1988, P 13-23

Computing Minimal Distances on Polyhedral Surfaces
Estarose Wolfson and Eric L. Schwartz
IEEE transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol.11, No. 9, September, 1989, PP 1001-1005

A Numerical Solution to the Generalized Mapmaker's Problem: Flattening Nonconvex Polyhedral Surfaces
Eric L. Schwartz, Alan Shaw, and Estarose Wolfson
IEEE transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol.11, No. 9, September, 1989, PP 1005-1008

Design and implementation of a motion planning system in 3 dimensions
Estarose Wolfson and Micha Sharir
Manuscript, 1992

Implementation of a Motion Planning System in Three Dimensions
Estarose Wolfson and Micha Sharir
9th Annual Computational Geometry, Second Annual Video Review of Computational Geometry, 1993, PP 399-400

Articles in ACF (now ITS) Magazine Connect, NYU:
Scientific Visualization at NYU: A Color Sampler of Recent Research, David Frederickson and Estarose Wolfson, Summer 1995
Developments in Visualization Software: It's on the Web, Estarose Wolfson, Spring 1996
Mapping the Genome with a Microscope: Optical Mapping at the Keck Lab, Edward J. Huff and Estarose Wolfson, Fall 1996

Automated High Resolution Optical Mapping Using Arrayed, Fluid-Fixed DNA Molecules
Junping Jing; Jason Reed; John Huang; Xinghua Hu; Virginia Clarke; Joanne Edington; Dan Housman; Thomas S. Anantharaman; Edward J. Huff; Bud Mishra; Brett Porter; Alexander Shenker; Estarose Wolfson; Catharina Hiort; Ron Kantor; Christopher Aston; David C. Schwartz
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 95, No. 14. (Jul. 7, 1998), pp. 8046-8051

Heart animations computed by the immersed boundary method
David M. McQueen, Charles S. Peskin, and Estarose Wolfson, 2005
Scientific Visualizations using myocardial3D software written in C and OpenGL
by David McQueen and Estarose Wolfson
On the website of Charles Peskin, Professor, Math Department, NYU

Ceci n'est pas un nuage - Eye Candy
Scientific visualizations I made using openDX software based on large-scale data from high-resolution simulations of deep convection, 2007.
On the website of Olivier Pauluis, Associate Professor, CAOS, Math Department, NYU

The following projects can be seen on the website of David Holland, Professor, CAOS, Math Department, NYU. Images from cameras, data from environmental stations and probes on seals in the Antarctic and Greenland are processed continually and the results are displayed on interactive websites. I realized these programs and websites in perl, javascript, flot, google maps. and processing.js and devised heuristic algorithms to find the percentage of clouds in the sky. Examples of each can be seen below - all the different stations can be viewed on the above mentioned website.:

Interactive animation websites of images streaming from environmental monitoring station cameras. Written in Perl and Javascript , 2008-2010:
e.g.: Ilulissat Ice Fjord Environmental Monitoring Station: Camera A

Interactive animation websites finding the percentage of clouds in the sky from the images above. Written in Perl and Javascript, 2009-2011:
e.g.: Helheim Ice Fjord Monitoring Station: Clouds, Camera B

Interactive websites plotting the time series data from the environmental monitoring stations. Written in Perl, Javascript, and Flot, 2009-2010:
e.g.: Pine Island Glacier Environmental Monitoring Station: Timeseries

Interactive websites plotting the the Movement and Profiles of Dives, as Depth vs Temperature and Depth vs Salinity, of Seals in Greenland fitted with probes. Written with Google Maps, Perl, and Javascript, 2011 (updated 2012):
e.g.: NYU Ringed Seal 07-12

Interactive websites plotting the Temperature or Salinity changes over Depth vs Time of Seals in Greenland fitted with probes. Written with Processing.js, Perl, and Javascript, 2013:
e.g.: Temperature Timeseries: NYU Ringed Seal 07-12
e.g.: Salinity Timeseries: NYU Ringed Seal 07-12

Acknowledgments in Articles on the Web

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Cluster Works: A Sampling of Research Using an NYU High Performance Computing Resource
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