James Fennell
math · teaching · typesetting


I'm a fifth year PhD student in mathematics at the Courant Institute, New York University. I work on problems in the theory of dispersive partial differential equations.

My advisor is Pierre Germain.

I have an undergraduate degree in mathematical sciences from University College Cork, which is in the Irish city where I was raised. You can contact me at jamespfennell@gmail.com.


Research publications:
  1. Equivariant heat and Schrödinger flows from Euclidean space to complex projective space (in preparation).


I'm currently leading recitations for two sections of Analysis:

Prevously I have been involved with curriculum development and teaching for some of the wonderful outreach programs run by the Center for Mathematical Talent, a non-profit organization within the Courant Institute.


I have written a few pieces of software related to the Latex typesetting system.