Data Science Projects is a Master's level course designed for students who have elected to do a Capstone Project rather than a dissertation. Other students interested in a projects-based course are welcome to attend, class size permitting.

Topics covered include:

  • elements of scientific computing
  • elements of statistics
  • elements of machine learning
  • elements of signal processing
  • elements of visualization


Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, programming experience, undergraduate numerical analysis, undergraduate probability and statistics.


There is no course textbook. Readings will be selected based on class interest and the projects chosen.

Assignments and grading

There will be a few problem sets over the course of the semester and a final project presentation.

Announcements, etc.

Announcements will be made via email.


The Courant Institute has computer labs with Linux workstations that have Matlab (matlab), Maple (xmaple), Mathematica (mathematica), the GNU (gcc,g++,gfortran), Intel and Pathscale C/C++/Fortran compiler suites, and other useful software installed.

Leslie Greengard, Mike O'Neil
1117/1105A Warren Weaver Hall
Phone: (212) 998-3306
Phone: (212) 992-5874

Office Hours
By appointment

Warren Weaver Hall, Room 512
Tuesdays, 5:10 - 7 pm
Fall Semester, 2013

Office hours: TBD