Alfredo Hubard                                                                                                                                                                                   

I recently completed my Ph.D. at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences under advisement of János Pach and Boris Aronov.
The title of my dissertation was "Some Geometric Coincidences".
 My main research interest is discrete geometry and its interactions with other areas of mathematics and computer science.
 I have worked on geometric Ramsey theory. I am an expert in Ham Sandwiches.
 Lately I have been thinking about embeddability of simplicial complexes, Borsuk-Ulam type results,
 Laplacians, spaces of cycles, circle packings, Wasserstein spaces, oriented matroids and waist type theorems.
 My Erdos number is 2, my Erdos-Bacon number is 6.
 Here is a pdf version of my ressume, it is very similar to this webpage.
 hubard at cims dot nyu dot edu
Order Types of Convex Bodies (with Luis Montejano, Emiliano Mora and Andrew Suk).
 Order(2011) 28:121-130
 Slicing convex sets and measures by a hyperplane (with Imre Barany and Jesus Jeronimo).
 Discrete & Computational Geometry Volume 39 , Issue 1 (March 2008)
 Convex equipartitions of volume and surface area (with Boris Aronov).
 Space Crossing Numbers (with Boris Bukh).
 Appeared in SoCG 2011. Accepted to Combinatorics, Probability & Computing.

Last semester I was the teacher assistant for an abstract algebra course.
I taught Calculus and Precalculus many many times in the past, both at NYU and at UNAM.
 Space crossing numbers.
 Symposium of Computational Geometry. Paris, France.  June 2011.
 From the sandwich to the waist.
 Geometry Seminar. Courant Institute, NYU. NY, USA Dec 2010.
 Space crossing numbers.
 Culminating workshop of the Bernulli Semester of Discrete and Computational Geometry.
 EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland Dec 2010
 From the sandwich to the waist.
 Geometry Seminar. University of Toronto. Canada Nov 2010
 Can you cut a convex body into five convex pieces with equal areas and equal perimeters?
 Optimal Transport and probabilistic geometry. Fields Institute. Toronto, Canada Nov2010.
 A ham sandwich type result.
 Geometry day at NYU. NY Oct 2007
 Erdos Szekeres type results.
 Boltyanskyfest Jun 2005. CIMAT Guanajuato, Mexico.
 Erdos Szekeres para cuerpos convexos.
 Congreso Nacional de graficas y sus aplicaciones. San Luis Potosi Feb 2005
 I helped developing a software to do mobile finance in underdeveloped regions (CATER).
 I directed several music videos that were broadcast in many countries and have been invited to art shows and compilations.
 I wrote an award-winning documentary.  
 A quote
 "But are there topologists among orangutans?" M. Gromov