Some Talks

Prediction with Expert Advice: a PDE Perspective on a Model Problem from Machine Learning (A talk given by Zoom at Okinawa Inst of Sci and Tech, Nov 2022)

Mathematical Analysis of Some Devices Made Using Epsilon-Near-Zero Materials (A talk given by Zoom at an Oxford University PDE meeting, July 2022)

The Mechanisms and Macroscopic Behavior of the Kagome Metamaterial (From a BIRS workshop on Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Pattern Formation in Soft Matter, July 2022)

A Variational Perspective on Wrinkling due to Geometric Incompatibility (A talk given at University of Connecticut, Sept 2019)

The Mathematics of Wrinkles and Folds (My plenary talk at the 2018 SIAM Annual Meeting)

Non-uniform (Zig-Zag) Microstructures Mixing Two Variants of Martensite (From a CMU/CNA Workshop on Mathematical Models for Pattern Formation, March 2019)

Energy-driven pattern formation (CIMS Grad Student and Postdoc Seminar, Fall 2017)

Parabolic PDE's and deterministic games (My plenary talk at ICIAM 2007)