Materials Working Group, Spring 2018

Organized by Bob Kohn

"Materials Working Group" talks are mainly by people at Courant
(students, postdocs, visitors and faculty), discussing their
recent or current work. The talks are informal, with 
plenty of discussion. A record of last fall's talks 
is here. 

OUR TIMESLOT HAS CHANGED: in Spring 2018 we will usually meet Monday at 10am (but not
every week). The location is still WWH 1314. On Feb 12 we'll start at 9:30am. 
An email list for relevant announcements is
maintained by Bob Kohn (kohn at cims dot nyu dot edu).

Spring 2018:

Jan 29 -- Yury Grabovsky (Temple Univ) spoke on "Buckling of cylindrical 
shells from the perspective of the general theory" Abstract
Feb 12, STARTING AT 9:30 -- Emilio Zappa (CIMS) spoke on "Mathematical 
methods for the statistical mechanics of mesoscopic particles" Abstract
Feb 26 -- Marta Lewicka (Univ of Pittsburgh) will discuss the random tug-of-war game
interpretation of viscosity solutions to some nonlinear PDE's and how this approach
allows for using probabilistic techniques in the associated nonlinear potential theory. 
NOTE: On Thurs March 1, Juliya Gorb (Univ of Houston) will give a Special Applied Math 
seminar on "Efficient analytical and numerical treatment of high contrast composites"
(3:30pm in WWH 1302). This will be of interest to some MWG participants. Abstract
April 2 -- Stefan Mueller (Univ of Bonn) will speak on "Data-driven problems
in elasticity" (the topic of his recent paper with Sergio Conti and Michael 
Ortiz, arXiv:1708.02880)
April 9 -- Narek Hovsepyan (Temple Univ) will give a talk "On the extrapolation
of analytic functions". One motivating example is reconstruction of the complex 
electromagnetic permittivity of a material, given its experimentally measured values on
a finite interval of frequencies. Abstract