Lingjing Wang

Hello, my name is Lingjing Wang. I am a Phd candidate in Applied Mathematics at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering School of NYU. I am doing research in 3D visual computing and deep learning. I am working with Professor Yi Fang in NYU MMVC Lab. I am also interested in trading strategies research.

Research Papers (as first/joint first author)

1. PC-Net: Unsupervised Point Correspondence Learning with Neural Networks. 3DV 2019.

2. Coherent Point Drift Networks: Unsupervised Learning of Non-Rigid Point Set Registration. Arxiv. [ Paper , Code ]

3. Non-Rigid Point Set Registration Networks. Arxiv. [ Paper , Code ].

4. Unsupervised Learning of 3D Model Reconstruction from Hand-Drawn Sketches. ACM Multimedia 2018

5. 3DensiNet: A Robust Neural Network Architecture towards 3D Volumetric Object Prediction from 2D Image. ACM Multimedia 2017