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I really love watching all kinds of movies and listening to music as much as possible. If I have the time, I also play some cool games on my xBox -- Halo, Morrowind, Tetris, Vice City, etc. Another good video game is minesweeper.

I've recently added a doodles page which has a bunch of horrible drawings that will waste precious minutes of your life if you look at them.

Check out my old movies page which chronicles some of my thoughts about moving pictures. Or check out the movie quotes page (which is still being worked on).

I have a curiousity about crazy people. Here are some web sites written by folks who are at least borderline (perhaps more) bonkers:

  • Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube
  • Immortality Rings
  • Archimedes Plutonium

    As a side hobby, I enjoy collecting interesting words. Please check out my recently added words page.

  • www. Tyler Neylon .com