Notes and Reprints for the Course


Simon SM, Peskin CS, and Oster GF:
What drives the translocation of proteins?
Proceeding of the National Acadacemy of Sciences USA 89: 3770-3774, 1992

Peskin CS, Odell GM, and Oster GF:
Cellular motions and thermal fluctuations: the Brownian ratchet.
Biophysical Journal 65: 316-324, 1993

Peskin CS: Crossbridge dynamics in muscle.
Handwritten lecture notes, 1992 & 2014.

Walcott S, Warshaw DM, and Debold EP:
Mechanical coupling between myosin molecules causes differences between ensemble and single-molecule measurements.
Biophysical Jounal 103: 501-510, 2012
Supplemental information.

Peskin CS and Oster GF:
Coordinated hydrolysis explains the mechanical behavior of kinesin.
Biophysical Journal 68: S202-S211, 1995

Peskin CS: Kinesin lecture.
Handwritten lecture notes, 1994.

Peskin CS and Oster GF:
Force production by depolymerizing microtubules: load-velocity curves and run-pause statistics.
Biophysical Journal 69: 2268-2276, 1995

Tao YC and Peskin CS:
Simulating the role of microtubules in depolymerization-driven transport -- A Monte Carlo approach.
Biophysical Journal 75: 1529-1540, 1998

Peskin CS:
Optimal dynamic instability of microtubules.
Documenta Mathematica, Extra Volume ICM 1998 III, 633-642, 1998
See also the lecture notes Optimal dynamic instability of microtubues 2.0, in which a more relevant optimization problem is considered.

Elston TC and Peskin CS:
The role of protein flexibility in molecular motor function: coupled diffusion in a tilted periodic potential.
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 60: 842-867, 2000

Wang H, Peskin CS, and Elston C:
A robust numerical algorithm for studying biomolecular transport processes.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 221: 491-511, 2003

Raj A and Peskin CS:
The influence of chromosome flexibility on chromosome transport during anaphase A.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 103: 5349-5354, 2006

Yamada YR and Peskin CS:
A look-ahead model for the elongation dynamics of transcription.
Biophysical Journal 96(8): 3015-3031, 2009
Biophysical Journal 98(4): 741, 2010

Yamada YR and Peskin CS:
The influence of look-ahead on the error rate of transcription.
Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena 5(3): 206-227: 2010