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Fellows/Advisory Board


Kenneth C. Abbott Managing Director, Risk Management at Morgan Stanley

Steve Allen Former managing director of JPMorgan Chase, in charge of risk methodology.

Robert Almgren Founder, Quantitative Brokers

Leif B. Andersen Head of the Rates and Credit Quantitative Research Group, Banc of America Securities

Farshid Maghami Asl Managing Director, Investment Management Division at Goldman Sachs

Karim Beguir Managing Director, Equity & Credit Trading, UBS

Peter Carr Managing Director and Global Head of Market Modelling, Morgan Stanley

Ashvin B. Chhabra Chief Investment Officer at Institute for Advanced Study

Sylvain Corlay Quantitative Researcher, Bloomberg LP

Jan Dash Head of Strategic Risk Research group at Bloomberg LP and Visiting Research Scholar at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business.

Bruno Dupire Quantitative Financial Research Group, Bloomberg

Eymen Errais Partner at Mena Capital Partners

Vladimir Finkelstein Managing Partner of Cheget Investment LLC and a Principal of Winhall Consulting

Bjorn Flesaker Managing Director and Head of Quantitative Research, Prudential Fixed Income

Silverio Foresi Managing Director in the Quantitative Strategies team at Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Peter N. Fraenkel Managing Director at UBS, Heads the "Quantitative Technology" team

Craig Friedman Managing Director and Head of Research for Quantitative Analytics, Standard and Poor's

Douglas Greenig AHL Chief Risk Officer and a member of the AHL Management Committee, Man Group

Julien Guyon Senior Quantitative Analyst  in the Quantitative Reearch Group, Bloomberg LP

Ali Hirsa Managing Partner at Sauma Capital, LLC

Brett Humphreys Executive Director in Commodities Group, Morgan Stanley

Alireza Javaheri Head of Equities Quantitative Research Americas at JPMorgan

Alexey Kuptsov Vice President at JPMorgan Chase

Kishor Laud  Instructor since 2000, Global Head of Risk Engineering at State Street Global Markets

Andrew Lesniewski Managing Director and the Head of Quantitative Research, Ellington Management Group

Nicolas Levi Executive Director in the Fixed Income Division at Morgan Stanley

Keith Lewis Managing Member at KALX, LLC

Richard Lindsey President, Callcott Group, LLC

Lee Maclin Trading Systems Consultant

Fabio Mercurio Quant Business Manager, Bloomberg LP

Attilio Meucci Chief Risk Officer, Kepos Capital LP

David K.A. Mordecai President, Risk Economics, Inc.

Robert Reider Portfolio Manager, Millennium Partners

Gordon Rittter Vice President of the Statistical Arbitrage Group, Highbridge Capital Management

Sven Sandow Executive Director, Head of Credit Capital and Rating Analytics at Morgan Stanley

Barry Schachter Chief Risk Officer, Woodbine Capital Advisors LP

Louis Scott Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

David Shimko Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer, New Oak Capital LLC

John Stevenson Vice President, Structured Derivatives Desk, JPMorgan Chase

Glen Swindle Managing Director and co-head of natural gas and power trading at Credit Suisse

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering and Co-Director of the Research Center for Risk Engineering, NYU-Poly

Leon Tatevossian, Director, Group Risk Management – Market Risk, RBC Capital Markets, LLC 


Advisory Board

Andrew Abrahams Managing Director, JPMorgan

Steve Allen Former Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase, in charge of Risk Methodology

Robert Almgren Founder, Quantitative Brokers

Clifford S. Asness Managing and Founding Principal, AQR Capital Management LLC

Tanya Beder Chairman, SBCC Group Inc.

Neil Chriss Managing Principal,  Hutchin Hill Capital, LP

Professor Nicole El Karoui Professor of Applied Mathematics, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytechnique

Professor Robert Engle Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, Michael Armellino Professorship in the Management of Financial Services

Alexander Eydeland Managing Director in Charge of Global Commodities Analytic Modeling, Morgan Stanley

Vladimir Finkelstein Managing Partner of Cheget Investments LLC and a principal of Winhall Consulting

William H. Heyman Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, The Travelers Companies Inc.

Thomas S. Y. Ho President, Thomas Ho Company

Stanley Jonas Managing Director, FIMAT Futures

Ananth Madhavan Managing Director, BlackRock

Saman Majd Former Vice Chairman, Deutsche Asset Management

Harry M. Markowitz President, Harry Markowitz Company

Michael Mendelson Principal, AQR Capital Management LLC

David K.A. Mordecai President, Risk Economics, Inc.

William Morokoff Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Analytics, Standard and Poor's

Peter Muller Founder and CEO of Process Driven Trading; Chairman and Board of Advisors, Chalkstream Capital

Leslie Rahl Managing Partner, Capital Market Risk Advisors

Luis Reyna Independent Consultant

Jeffrey Rosenbluth Former Managing Director, Head of U.S. Arbitrage, Salomon Brothers

Professor Jose A. Scheinkman Theodore Wells '29 Professor of Economics, Princeton University

Til Schuermann Partner at Oliver Wyman

Bruce Tuckman Director of Financial Markets Research, Center for Financial Stability, and Adjunct Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University