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Postdoctoral and Visiting Member Programs

Each year the Institute is host to a large number of visiting scientists. Some are distinguished senior scientists on leave from their home institutions. Some are Courant Instructors who have half teaching and half research positions. Others are postdocs whose main duties are to assist with the Institute's many research projects. There are also other visitors who come with external support, typically from the National Science Foundation or a comparable foreign agency such as Canada's NSERC, Italy's CNR, or France's CNRS.

Courant Instructorships are highly competitive postdoctoral positions for recent PhDs. Candidates must have a degree in mathematics or an affiliated field. These appointments last up to three years, and carry a teaching load of one course per semester. Applications for Courant Instructorships are due December 11th, 2015 for the following academic year. Applications must be submitted via