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Mathematics Department Administration

Math Department Committees

Academic Leadership Email
Phone Office
Bruce Kleiner
Department Chair
8-3214 629 WWH
Fedor Bogomolov
Director of Graduate Studies, PhD Program
Bogomolo 8-3243 602 WWH
Sinan Gunturk
Director of Graduate Studies, Masters in Mathematics
Gunturk 8-3246 616 WWH
Alex Donev
Director of Graduate Studies, Masters in Scientific Computing
Donev 2-7315 1016 WWH
Oliver Buhler
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Buhler 8-3265 1013 WWH
Matthew Leingang
Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs
Leingang 8-3107 726 WWH
Administrative Leadership Email
Phone Office
Sue Taylor
Assistant Director, Mathematics
Staylor 8-4864 618 WWH
Tamar Arnon
Assistant Director for Student Affairs
Arnon 8-3257 623 WWH
Melissa Vacca
Manager of Academic Affairs, Graduate Program
Vacca 8-3104 622 WWH
Beth Markowitz
Manager of Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Program
Beth 8-3163 626 WWH
Alison Entin
Program Administrator, Undergraduate Program
Entin 8-3182 625 WWH
Brittany Shields
Program Administrator, Graduate Division (COB)
BShields 8-4856 621 WWH
Michelle Shin
Program Administration, Masters Program
Shin 8-3009 624 WWH
Joan Randolph
Administrative Aide to the Chair
Joanran 8-3165 627 WWH
Grace K. Do
Administrative Aide II
Graced 8-3028 606 WWH