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The Applied Math Lab Seminar is now the Applied Math and Applied Math Lab Seminar (AMS/AML Seminar) .

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Spring 2017 Schedule

March 9: William Irvine, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago.

The life of vortex knots and links: the flow of knottiness across scales

March 30: Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Courant Institute, NYU.

Spatiotemporal Self-Organization of Fluctuating Bacterial Colonies

April 6: Enkeleida Lushi, Courant Institute, NYU.

Self-organization of confined microbial suspensions

April 13: Bin Liu, School of Natural Sciences, University of California Merced.

Shape up to run - how bacterial motilities impact selective cellular morphologies

April 20: Saverio Spagnolie, Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Entrapment, escape, and diffusion of active particles in complex environments

May 4: Gaddiel Ouaknin, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University.

Level-Set strategy for SCFT

July 13: Pietro Tierno, Departament de Física de la Matèria Condensada, Universitat de Barcelona.

Emergent Hydrodynamic Bound States Between Magnetically Powered Active Micropropellers

Fall 2016 Schedule

September 8: Megan Davies Wykes, Applied Math Lab, Courant Institute, NYU.

Flow-structure interaction at the micro-scale

September 15: Lisa Fauci, Department of Mathematics, Tulane University.

Explorations in biofluids: Stokes oddities

September 22: Yoav Lahini, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University.

Non-Monotonic Aging and Memory Retention in Disordered Mechanical Systems

September 29: Meredith Betterton, Department of Physics, University of Colorado Boulder

Physical determinants of bipolar mitotic spindle assembly and stability in fission yeast

October 20: David Hughes, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds

The Formation of Large Scale Vortices in Rotating Convection and Their Resulting Dynamo Action

October 27: John W. M. Bush, Department of Mathematics, MIT.

Hydrodynamic quantum analogs

November 3: Ehud Yariv, Department of Mathematics, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Drop electrohydrodynamics under strong electric fields: Three singular limits

November 10: Blaise Delmotte, Courant Institute, NYU.

The genesis of "critters": a multi-part story

December 1: Naomi Oppenheimer, Simons Foundation.

Motion of a hot particle in viscous fluids

December 8: Simeon Carstens, Center for Soft Matter Research, Department of Physics, NYU.

Bayesian determination of static chromatin structure from Hi-C data and DCS studies of chromatin dynamics in ESCs and derived neurons fluids

December 15: Benny Davidovitch, Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Elasto-capillary phenomena in thin solids: Singular mechanics and irregular geometry

Spring 2016 Schedule

February 4: Alban Sauret, SVI Lab, CNRS & Saint Gobain - UMR 125.

Erosion and spreading of granular material

February 11: David Saintillan, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California San Diego.

Nonlinear electrohydrodynamics of particles and drops in strong electric fields

February 18: Peter Foster, Applied Physics, Harvard University.

Active Contraction of Microtubule Networks

February 25: Marc Gershow, Department of Physics, NYU.

Decoding Drosophila photo-taxis and odor-taxis using natural and optogenetic stimuli

March 3: Jane Wang, Departments of Physics and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University.

Insect Flight: From Newton's Law to Neurons

March 10: No seminar.

March 17: No seminar.

March 24: Sungyon Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University.

Interfacial dynamics: drops & particles

March 31: Shreyas Mandre, School of Engineering, Brown University.

Flow optimization for unconventional approaches to hydrokinetic energy conversion

Friday, April 8: John Wettlaufer, Professor of Geophysics, Physics & Applied Mathematics, Yale University.

Hertz Saved the Solar System

(*NOTE: Special time and location, 4 PM in Room 1302*)

April 14: Brian Skinner, Department of Physics, MIT

Problems in human motion planning

April 21: Douglas Zhou, Institute of Natural Sciences & Math Department, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

How does a neuron integrate spatiotemporal synaptic inputs?

April 28: Daniel Goldman, Department of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

The (unreasonable?) effectiveness of resistive force theory in granular locomotion

May 5: Lydia Bourouiba, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT

Infectious disease transmission through the lens of fluid dynamics

Fall 2015 Schedule

September 10: Sophie Ramananarivo, Applied Math Lab, Courant Institute, NYU

Flapping wings propelling in a fluid

September 17: Daniel Lecoanet, Department of Physics, University of California Berkeley

Internal Wave Excitation by Turbulent Convection

September 24: No seminar.

October 1: Roseanna Zia, Deparment of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University

Diffusion and rheology in crowded, 3D-confined suspensions: A model for intracellular transport

October 8: Daniel Rothman, Lorenz Center, Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences, MIT

Earth-System Stability Through Geologic Time

October 15: David Stein, Department of Mathematics, University of California Davis

A high-order Immersed Boundary method for solving PDE on arbitrary smooth domains using Fourier spectral methods

October 22: David Lentink, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Avian flight as an inspiration for drone design

October 29: No seminar.

November 5: Michael Siegel, Department of Mathematics, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Computations and analysis of the initial value problem for hydroelastic waves

November 12: Blaise Delmotte, Courant Institute, NYU

Understanding particle transport and diffusion in active suspensions: a multiscale study

November 19: Ryan L. Hartman, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NYU

Flow Chemistry and Engineering with Microchemical Systems for Chemicals, Energy, Healthcare, and Sustainability

December 10: Michael Triantafyllou, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Science-Driven Robots to Study the Fluid Mechanics of Animal Propulsion

Spring 2015 Schedule

January 29: Alexandra Zidovska, Center for Soft Matter Research, New York University

Positional Fluctuations of Interphase Chromatin

February 5: Jonathon Howard, Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University

Polymerization Forces Exerted by Microtubules and the Position of Cellular Organelles

February 12: Ehssan Nazockdast, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of Cellular Assemblies

February 26: Emilie Dressaire, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering

Interfacial Responses to Mechanical Forcings

March 12: Science Chalk Talk 1

March 26: Naomi Oppenheimer, James Franck Institute, University of Chicago

Non-dissipative Shapable Sheet

April 2: Sibani Lisa Biswal, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University

Active Colloidal Assemblies with Rotating Magnetic Fields

April 9: Science Chalk Talk 2

April 16: Shawn D. Ryan, Mathematical Sciences and Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

Collective Dynamics in Active Biological Systems

April 24: James W. Swan, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT (special date and time: Friday at noon)

The Medium Amplitude Oscillatory Shear of Colloidal Dispersions

April 30: Science Chalk Talk 3

May 7: Chris H. Rycroft, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Interfacial Dynamics of Dissolving Objects in Fluid Flow

May 14: Science Chalk Talk 4

Fall 2014 Schedule

September 11: Hassan Masoud, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Princeton University

Individual and Collective Surfing of Chemically Active Particles

September 25: Dan Hu, Institute of Natural Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Optimization, Adaptation, and Initiation of Biological Transport Networks

October 2: Michael E. Cates, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh

Scalar Active Matter: Field Theories, Phase Ordering and Fluid Dynamics

October 16: Anand U. Oza, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

A Trajectory Equation for Walking Droplets: Hydrodynamic Pilot-Wave Theory

October 23: Tong (Tony) Gao, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Microtubule/Motor Protein Assemblies

October 30: Wilson Poon, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh

Bacterial Swimming in Polymer Solutions

November 6: Mehdi Karzar-Jeddi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut

Brownian Interactions in Colloid-Polymer Mixtures

November 13: Nicolas Meunier, MAP5, Universite Paris Descartes, France

A Predictive Model for Yeast Cell Polarization in Pheromone Gradients

November 20: Ignacio Tomas, Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland

PDE Models for Ferrofluids and Their Numerical Analysis

Spring 2014 Schedule

January 23: Igor Aronson, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Living liquid crystals

February 6: Science Chalk Talk 1

February 13: Alexandre Pieri, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the Italian National Research Council

Large-scale structures in (moist) convection

February 27: Vinothan Manoharan, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Department of Physics, Harvard University

A particle walks into an interface...

March 6: Silas Alben, School of Mathematics, University of Michigan

Optimizing snake locomotion in the plane

March 13: Science Chalk Talk 2

March 27: Andrea Liu, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania

Mechanical reaction-diffusion equations in biological systems

April 3: Science Chalk Talk 3

April 10: Tadashi Tokieda, Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge and Harvard University

Some mathematics as applied physics

April 17: Peter Palffy-Muhoray, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

Motion and locomotion of liquid crystal elastomers and networks

May 1: Science Chalk Talk 4

May 8: Ronojoy Adhikari, Theory of Soft Condensed Matter Group, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India

Irreducible representations of oscillatory and swirling flows in active soft matter

May 15: Sophie Ramananarivo, Applied Mathematics Laboratory, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Biomimetic propulsion of elastic structures

May 22: Oliver Pohl, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Technical University of Berlin

Chemoataxis in colloidal and bacterial systems

June 5: Dietmar Ölz, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Davis

Myosin driven contraction of random actin arrays is promoted by the combined effect of treadmilling and cross-linker proteins

June 19: Stefania Melillo and Leonardo Parisi, Istituto Sistemi Complessi and Dipartimento di Fisica, "Sapienza" Universita di Roma, Italy

Collective behaviour in large groups of animals

Fall 2013 Schedule

September 5: Nima Sharifi Mood, The Benjamin Levich Institute, City University of New York

Diffusiophoresis of Colloids at Nano-scales

September 12: Jared Whitehead, Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory

In search of the 'Ultimate' state of Rayleigh-Benard convection

September 19: John M. Kolinski, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Rapid dynamics at the initial moments of liquid droplet impact

October 17: Douglas Zhou, Department of Mathematics and Institute of Natural Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Causal and Structural Connectivity of Neuronal Networks

October 31: Isaac Klapper, Department of Mathematics, Temple University

Two Tales of a Microbial City

November 7: Ivan C. Christov, Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems Group and Center for Nonlinear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Transport phenomena in flows of granular materials

November 14: Jeremie A. Palacci, Center for Soft Matter Research, New York University

Out of Equilibriumness of Light-Activated Colloidal Particles

November 28: Thanksgiving

December 5: Arezoo Ardekani, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Transport of particles, drops, and small organisms in density stratified fluids

December 12: Shilpa Khatri, Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Settling and Rising in Stratified Fluids: fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flow

December 19: Vered Rom-Kedar, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, The Weizmann Institute

The innate immune system: some theory, some experiments and some medical implications

Spring 2013 Schedule

January 31: No seminar

February 7: Larry Sirovich, Rockefeller University

Prospects for hurricane modification

February 14: Open

February 21: Open

February 28: Chris Vogl, Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University

Various Approaches to Modeling the Lyopreservation of Cells

March 7: Open

March 14: Jared Bronski, Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Stability and Phase-locking in the Kuramoto model

March 21: NYU Spring Break

March 28: Andreas Zottl, Technische Universität Berlin

Collective motion of active colloids in a quasi-2D geometry

April 4: J. Nathan Kutz, Applied Mathematics, University of Washington

Spatiotemporal encoding/decoding of nonlinear dynamics using compressive sensing and machine learning 

April 11: Canceled

April 16 (Tuesday): Paul Jianjun Tian, College of William and Mary

Modeling of brain tumor therapies and tumor stem cell initiation

April 18: Pradeep Kumar, Rockefeller University

A tale of two phenotypes: Cell fates and their reversibility of E. coli under high pressure

April 25: Open

May 2: Chun Liu, Mathematics, Penn State University

Ionic solutions and ion channels: An energetic variational approach

May 9: Alexander Petroff, Rockefeller University

Hydrodynamics and collective behavior of the tethered bacterium Thiovulum majus

Fall 2012 Schedule

September 6:  Empty

September 13: Tong Gao, Courant Institute, NYU

Dynamics of soft elastic particles in viscous flows

September 20: Hassan Masoud, Courant Institute, NYU

Polymer networks: modeling and emerging applications

September 27:  Empty

October 4:  Eric King, Earth & Planetary Science, UC Berkeley

Planetary convection: heat transfer by rotating flows

October 11:  Empty

October 18:  Guo-wei Wei, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University

Variational multiscale modeling of biomolecules

October 24 (Special time - 11:00): William Schultz, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Oscillating contact lines

October 25:  Yuan-nan Young, Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Modeling the interaction between fluid and an elastic filament: Two examples in biology

November 1:  Empty

November 8:  Ed Spiegel, Department of Astronomy, Columbia University

From kinetic theory to fluid dynamics via a pastiche of methods

November 15:  Guo-wei He, LNM, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lift enhancement by stretching and retracting wingspan in bat flight

November 22:  Thanksgiving

November 29:  Empty

December 6:  Esteban Tabak, Courant Institute, NYU

The diurnal cycle and the meridional extent of the tropics

December 13:  William Schultz, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

Viscoelastic effects in glass fiber spinning

Spring 2012 Schedule

January 26: No Seminar

No Seminar

February 2: Arshad Kudrolli, Physics Department, Clark University

Speed of a Taylor Swimmer in Newtonian and Viscoelastic Fluids

February 9: Justin Kao, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, MIT

Inclusions in fluid coating and solidification

February 16: Empty

February 23Vasily Kantsler, DAMTP, Cambridge

Dynamics of Single Semi-flexible Polymers and Giant Vesicles in External

March 1: James C. Liao, Biology Department, University of Florida

Fluid-fish interactions around a cylinder in flow: insights from energetics and behavior

March 8: Empty

March 15: NYU Spring Break

March 22: Xiao-dong Song, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Super-rotation of the Earth's inner core: claims and counterclaims

March 28: SPECIAL Seminar date: Alex Mogilner, Mathematics Department, UC Davis

Polarization and turning of motile cells

March 29: Adi Rangan, Courant Institute

Emergent collaborative activity within a model of primary visual cortex 

April 5: Ayusman Sen, Chemistry Department, Penn State University

Designing Intelligent Nano/Microbots

April 12: Justin Bois, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA

Pattern formation in active fluids with applications to developmental biology

April 19: Sarah Olson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Coupling biochemistry, mechanics, and hydrodynamics to model sperm motility

April 26: Jan Brugues, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard

Biological physics of the mitotic spindle. From quantitative measurements to continuum theories.

May 3: Jane Wang, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University

Maple Seeds, Tiger Beetles, Computer Insects, and Us

May 10: John Roberts, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT

Control of Fluid-Body Systems via Real-Time Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

Fall 2011 Schedule

September 8: Empty  

September 15:  Bin Liu, School of Engineering, Brown University

Force-free swimming of a model helical flagellum in two types of complex fluid media: a viscoelastic fluid and a porous medium

September 22:  No Seminar

September 29:  Xiang Cheng, Department of Physics, Cornell University

Imaging the microscopic structure of shear thinning and thickening colloidal suspensions

October 6:  Rich McLaughlin, Mathematics Department, University of North Carolina

Falling bodies through sharply stratified fluids: theory and experiments

October 13:  Bruce Shaw, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Shake and Break: Earthquake Physics and Fault Geometry

October 20:  Eric Tytell, Locomotion In Mechanical and Biological Systems, Johns Hopkins University

An integrated model of lamprey swimming: Fluid-structure interaction and segmental coupling

October 27:  Pedro Reis, Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Wonders of Thin Objects: Coiling Spagetti and Pressing Eggshells

November 3:  Saverio Spagnolie, School of Engineering, Brown University

Hydrodynamics of Microorganism Motility: Flagellar Shapes and Boundary Effects

November 10:  Dr. Jian Lin, Henry B. Bigelow Chair Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA

Physics of earthquake interactions: Progress, challenges, and lessons

November 14:  Georg Stadler, Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, University of Texas at Austin

Modeling and parallel simulation of global-scale geophysical mantle flow and seismic wave propagation

November 17:  Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique, CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique, France

The Convective Modoki: the Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics of Real Flows

November 24: Thanksgiving 

December 1:  Daniel T.N. Chen, Brandeis University Physics Department

Microfluidics of Active Filaments

December 8:  Neil Balmforth, Institute of Applied Mathematics, The University of British Columbia

Skipping, sloshing and washboards

December 15:  Leif Ristroph, Applied Math Lab, Courant Institute, NYU

Fluid-structure interactions in bio- and geo-physical flows: Flapping-wing flight and erosive sculpting

Spring 2011 Schedule

January 13: Closed AML Group Meeting

January 20: Open

January 31: Eugene Levich, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University

SPECIAL TIME: 2:00 PM in WWH 1314

Beltrami-Trkal flows and Organized structures in fluid turbulence; theory, experiment and atmospheric observations 

February 3: Adam Braunschweig, Department of Chemistry, NYU

Molecular Printing: Solving the sub-100 nm Soft Matter Conundrum

February 10: Eric Keaveny, Applied Math Lab, CIMS, NYU

Enhancing micron-scale transport through swimmer design and geometric constraints

February 17: Anke Lindner, PMMH-ESPCI


February 24: Open

March 3: Open

March 10: Closed AML Group Meeting

March 17: No Talks, Spring Break

March 24: Possibly no talks, APS March Meeting

March 31: Eva Kanso, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, USC

How to Swim in a Perfect Fluid

April 7: Closed AML Group Meeting

April 14: John Bush, Department of Mathematics, MIT

Bouncing Droplets (and the nature of reality)

April 21: Petia Vlahovska, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Brown University

Electrohydrodynamics of Droplets and Vesicles

April 28: Ken Kamrin, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Continuum Modeling and Computational Aspects of Flowing Granular Media

May 5: Paul Chaikin, Physics Department, NYU.

Particle Fractionalization and Pleats! Point defects and Topological defects on Wigner Crystals on Curved Surfaces

Fall 2010 Schedule

September 16: Closed AML Group Meeting 

September 23: Nick Moore, CIMS, NYU
Stratified Flows with Vertical Layering of Density: Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Time Evolution of Flow Configurations and their Stability

September 30: Closed AML Group Meeting

October 7: Vikram Jandhyala, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington
Green's functions and large matrix systems: electronics and multiphysics design, networked systems, and recommendation engines.

October 14: Daniel Andor, Rockefeller University
Exploring Resonance Phenomena in the Auditory System

October 21: Professor Robert Deegan, Physics Department, University of Michigan
Vibrated Fluids

October 28: Georg Stadler, ICES, University of Texas Austin
First- and second-order shape derivative-based analysis of roughness effects on channel flow

November 4: Open (AML members away, no talk to be scheduled)

****Special AML Seminar Tuesday 9th November @ 3:55 PM in WWH 1314****

November 9: Professor Bill Schultz, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
Fish Swimming Stability

November 11: Professor Jack Whitehead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), MA
Cellular Convection with a Raft 

November 18: Closed AML Group Meeting/Practice for APS DFD meeting

November 25: Thanksgiving 

****Special AML Seminar Tuesday 30th November @ 10:30 AM in WWH 1314****

**** Please Note the Special Time: 10:30 AM****

November 30: Dan Needleman, SEAS, Harvard University
Spindle Assembly and Architecture: From Laser Ablation to Microtubule Nucleation

December 2: Professor Frédéric Gibou, Department of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, UCSB
Numerical Solvers for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations on Octree Adaptive Grids

December 9: Open

Spring 2010 Schedule

January 21: TBA

January 28: Leif Ristroph, Physics Department, Cornell University
Maneuverability and stability of flying insects

February 4: Alex Levine, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCLA
Sailing the surfactant sea: The effect of geometry and topology on membrane hydrodynamics and on the fluctuations of red blood cells.

February 11: Knut Drescher, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Physical Aspects of Microorganism Cooperation

February 18: TBA

February 25: Bin Liu, AML, Courant Institute, NYU
From ``insect” hovering to ``continental” drift – bio and geo-inspired archetypes in fluid-structure interactions

March 4: Andrey Sokolov, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Swimming bacteria at work: from reduction of viscosity to rotation of gears.

March 11: James D. Murray, Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Biology
University of Oxford & Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics University of Washington
The Marriage Equation

March 18: Spring recess

March 25: Mike Graham, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin
Transport and collective dynamics in suspensions of swimming microorganisms

April 1: Jens Eggers, Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol
The role of singularities in hydrodynamics
(Venue: WWH 1302. Please note the change in the venue)

April 8: Kenny Breuer, Division of Engineering, Brown University
Bacterial Microfluidics: The Physics and Engineering of Flagellated Bacteria

April 15: Igor Aronson, Argonne National Lab
Self-Assembled Magnetic Surface Microswimmers

April 22: Yan Meng, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Bio-inspired Self-Organizing Morphogenetic Robotic Systems

April 29: Tom Powers, Division of Engineering, Brown University
Mechanics of swimming microorganisms

April 30: Robert M. Kerr, Department of Mathematics, University of Warwick
Numerical generation of a vortex ring cascade in quantum turbulence
This is a Special Applied Math Lab Seminar
12:45-1:45pm Room 1314 WWH (Please note the change in time)

Fall 2009 Schedule

September 10: Lab meeting

September 17: Jeannette Yen (Georgia Institute of Technology, Biology)
Biologically-Generated Flows by Plankton

September 24: Andrew Belmonte (Pennsylvania State University, Math)
Sedimentation of a Rigid Sphere in a Bubbly Fluid

October 1: Lab meeting

October 8: Katie Newhall (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Math)
Synchrony in stochastic pulse-coupled neuronal network models

October 15: Marija Vucelja (Weizmann Institute of Science, Physics)
Weak compressibility of surface wave turbulence

October 22: Lab meeting

October 29: Eric Lauga (University of California, San Diego, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Hydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms

November 5: Thomas Peacock (MIT, Mechanical Engineering)
Sailing on Diffusion

November 12: open

November 19: Douglas Zhou (CIMS)
Predictability and chaos in networks of integrate-and-fire neurons

November 26: Thanksgiving

December 3: Hepeng Zhang (University of Texas at Austin, Physics)
Collective motion in bacterial colonies

December 10: open

More scheduled seminars:
Leif Ristroph (Jan 28, 2010).

Spring 2009 Schedule

January 29: none

February 5: Stephen Morris (University of Toronto, Physics)
Icicles, washboard road and meandering syrup

February 12: none

February 19: Gregory Forest (Univerisity of North Carolina, Math)
The Virtual Lung Project at UNC

February 26: Juan Restrepo (University of Arizona, Math)
Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Time Series Estimation

March 5: Wendy Zhang (University of Chicago, Physics and James Franck Institute )
Memory as vibration in a disconnecting air bubble

March 12: Nicholas Ouellette (Yale University, Mechanical Engineering)
Lagrangian Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Flow

March 19: Spring recess

March 26: Tsvi Tlusty (Weizmann Institute, Physics)
The Physical Language of Molecules

April 2: Jin-Qiang Zhong (University of California, Santa Barbara, Physics)
Experimental studies of turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection, in a rotating frame and with a liquid-vapor two-phase fluid

April 9: Peter Palffy-Muhoray (Kent State University, Liquid Crystal Institute and Chemical Physics)
Motors based on shape change: see how they run

April 16: Patrick T. Underhill (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Correlations in suspensions of swimming microorganisms: theory and simulation

April 23: Miranda Holmes (Center fo Atmosphere Ocean Science, Courant Institute)
Lava Tube Stability

April 30: Arshad Kudrolli (Clark University, Physics)
Flight of a tumbling elastic wing and aggregation of floating particles

To be scheduled:
Jerry Gollub