Research at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

This site will contain  photographs, and eventually a  research summary, covering my deployment
to McMurdo base, Antarctica, November-December 2000. The purpose of the trip
is to carry out research in collaboration with Robert Dudley, University of Texas at Austin,
on a scientific expedition sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

A view of McMurdo Station from Observation Hill:
(click to enlarge):

For a virtual tour of  McMurdo, click here.
For the Intranet at   McMurdo, click here.
To see the size of Antarctica compared to the US, click here.

Photo Gallery (Click on photo to get detailed image):

The trip south and first excursions.

Excursion to Cape Evans, November 27.

Excursion to the ice edge, November 30.

The interior of Scott's Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans, December 2.

A walk to Hut Point, December 9.

Life at McMurdo Station.

Excursion to Cape Royds, December 13.

A climb up Castle Rock, December 17.

Research notes