Listed below are the members of the Magneto-Fluid Dynamics Division of the Department of Mathematics.

The Division Director is Antoine Cerfon.


Russel Caflisch
Professor of Mathematics, Director of the Courant Institute
Plasma kinetics, Monte Carlo simulation, hybrid simulation methods, flows in diodes

Antoine Cerfon
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Magnetohydrodynamics in fusion and astrophysical plasmas, nonneutral plasmas, kinetic theory in plasmas and rarefied gases

Harold Weitzner
Professor of Mathematics, former director of MFD Division
Fluid dynamics; differential equations

Research Staff

Silvia Espinosa
Courant Instructor
Plasma physics, fusion energy, transport, kinetic, neoclassical, MHD, impurity,  pedestal, edge, tokamak, stellarator, numerical methods, high performance computing, computational fluid dynamics

Eugenia Kim
Post-doctoral researcher
Numerical PDE, Numerical analysis, Computational physics, Scientific computing, Numerical micromagnetics, Mimetic finite difference method, 3D magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium in plasma physics.

Dhairya Malhotra
Post-doctoral researcher
Numerical analysis, integral equations, fast algorithms, high performance computing, complex fluids, computational physics

Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet
Post-doctoral researcher
Numerical analysis and scientific computing; Time-domain boundary integral equations; Integral equation methods for wave propagation; continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods; Coupling schemes for multiphysics problems

Denis Silantyev
Post-doctoral researcher
Nonlinear wave dynamics, instabilities and collapses in optics, plasma and hydrodynamics; Laser-plasma interaction, laser fusion; Pattern formation in nonlinear optics, thermodynamics and biology; Numerical methods including spectral methods, adaptive and nonuniform grids; Scientific computing, high-performance computing (HPC)

Wrick Sengupta
Post-doctoral researcher
3D magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium, 3D magnetic geometries relevant to magnetic confinement, reduced kinetic and fluid models of plasma, Hamiltonian and vorticity dynamics in rarefied gases and plasmas


Daisy Calderon-Mojar
Administrative Aide


Jeffrey P. Freidberg
Associate Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, M.I.T. and Korea Electric Power Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Geoffrey B. McFadden

NIST Fellow, Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Computational physics, fluid dynamics, phase transitions, magnetohydrodynamic equilibrium and stability.

Recent Alumni (2010 -- present)

Joshua Burby, Feynman Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory

George Hagstrom, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University

Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park

Jungpyo Lee, Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University, South Korea

Lee Ricketson, Staff scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


In Memoriam

Eliezer Hameiri, a long time professor in the MFD division at the Courant Institute, sadly passed away in June 2016.