Fluid dynamics of animal locomotion

                               (Special Topics in Fluid Dynamics G63.2861)

Fall 2004

Professor Stephen Childress.

Wednesday 9:30-11:20am,  Room 613 WWH.


 Office Hours: By appointment (83135 or childres@cims).

This course will study the dynamics of animal locomotion in a dissipative fluid environment.
Some familiarity with elementary fluid dynamics is desired. However the  basic material will be
reviewed, see also the suggested preparatory reading below. Most of the important concepts
in the unsteady dynamics of incompressible fluids will come into play. Emphasis will be on the
role of fluid dynamics in determining modes of locomotion in the natural world, including
microorganisms, insects, birds, and fish.


Materials and content

Lecture Notes in pdf format.  The individual chapter files will lack proper cross-referencing. A final compilation with bibliography and index will be made available at the end of the course.

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3. (Through lecture 9)