Fluid dynamics II

Spring 2004

Professor Stephen Childress.

Monday, 1:25-3:15pm in WWH 1013.


 Office Hours: Monday 10-11 am, Friday 10-11 am, or by appointment.

This course is a continuation of G63.2770 Fluid Dynamics I, but can be taken separately provided some review reading is done in the first two weeks. A suggested review reading list is given below. Topics will include: The energy equation for a compressible fluid, basic thermodynamics, basic theorems for isentropic flow. One-dimensional gas flow. The linear, acoustic Riemann problem. Quasi-linear acoustics and Burgers' equation. Simple waves. Piston problems. Shocks. Linearized supersonic flow, airfoil theory. Transonic flow.

Suggested review reading: Batchelor: 1-6, 71-77, 131-152; Milne-Thomson: 1-7, 65-77; Landau\& Lifshitz: 1-21.


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