Charles Puelz

Charles Puelz has been a Courant Instructor since September of 2018 working with Charles Peskin and Dave McQueen on heart modeling.  Previously, he was a postdoc with Boyce Griffith in his Cardiovascular Modeling and Simulation Lab.  His research interests are in mathematical physiology, modeling, and numerical methods for partial differential equations. 

Pejman Sanaei

Pejman Sanaei was a Courant instructor Sept. 2017 - July 2019, working on mathematical modeling and simulation in the Applied Math Lab (AML). He will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at New York Institute of Technology starting September 2019. He has expertise in fluid mechanics, deterministic and stochastic approaches to mathematical modeling, tissue engineering, applications of mathematics to industry and in particular his dissertation topic was mathematical modeling of membrane filtration.

Brennan Sprinkle

Brennan Sprinkle will be a Courant Instructor starting September of 2019, working with Aleksandar Donev on modelling and simulation of colloidal suspensions.  He recently received his PhD under Prof. Neelesh Patankar where he worked on simulations of aquatic locomotion as well as active colloidal suspensions. His research interests are in soft matter physics, stochastic differential equations, fluid-structure dynamics, and numerical methods for partial differential equations.