Each summer the RTG hosts an undergraduate summer research program, coordinated by RTG postdocs and graduate students. Students perform research under the guidance of a faculty or postdoctoral mentor, they attend and present in group meetings, and write a final research report with the help of the coordinators. Students also present their research to the RTG community and the broader department.

Below are some projects that have been done in the AM-SURE program.

AM-SURE 2023

The AM-SURE 2023 program took place May 22-July 28 in the summer of 2023, and was coordinated by Olivia Pomerenk, Ryan Shìjié Dù, and Fortino Garcia. Below is a list of students, their mentors and projects (topics, slide decks, and reports).

  1. Arpita Kanrar,  Storm tracks in a moist shallow water atmosphere (Olivier Pauluis, Marguerite Brown).  Final report .

  2. Billy Ning,  Moist Rayleigh–Bénard convection: investigation of different convective regimes (Olivier Pauluis, Mu-Hua Chien).  Final report

  3. Joonsoo Lee,  Controlling a stochastically forced harmonic oscillator (Georg Stadler, Shanyin Tong).  Final report .

  4. Charlie Chen,  On the global minimum convergence of non-convex deterministic functions via stochastic approximation (Stefano Martiniani, Granming Zhang).  Final report

  5. Kai Hung,  Variability reduction with optimal transport (Andrew Lipnick, Ryan Dù, Nina Mortensen, Esteban G. Tabak).  Final report .

  6. Ibrohim Nosirov,  Fast linear system solve via subspace iteration (Chris Musco, Jonathan Weare).  Final report .

  7. Orion Yang and Carmel Pe’er,  Information theory for neuroscience (Shivang Rawat, Mathias Casiulis, Stefano Martiniani).  Final report .

  8. Yifei Zhu,  Symmetry breaking phenomenon in free floating and melting ice (Leif Ristroph, Mac Huang, Tiffany Li).

  9. Daniel Wang,  Clustering with general costs  (Andrew Lipnick, Ryan Dù, Nina Mortensen, Esteban G. Tabak).  Final report

AM-SURE 2022

The students that participated in the in-person 10-week program in the summer of 2022 (late May-July), and their projects/mentors, are:

  1. Emma Modrick, Role of turbulent flows in plankton ecology (Smith)

  2. Edward Gilman,  Rectified motion induced by non-antiperiodic excitations (Aref Hashemi)

  3. Alison Tatsuoka,  Internal gravity waves in time-dependent stratifications (Samuel Boury)

  4. Pietro Topa, Aerodynamic stability of gliding and soaring flyers (Leif Ristroph)

  5. Nigel Shen,  Improving the particle in cell method for plasma simulation (Antoine Cerfon)

  6. Athena Liu   Emily Bunnapradist , Efficient and interpretable modeling of cortical network dynamics through machine learning (Megan Morrison and Zhuo-Cheng Xiao)

  7. Winston Liang,  Analyzing how limit cycles turn active matter into robots (Bob Kohn)

  8. Julie Zhu,  Optimization for designing quantum logic gates (Georg Stadler and Fortino Garcia)

  9. Eleven Chen,  Simulation of a rotating cylinder in gravitational flow , see also movie below (Charles Peskin)

AM-SURE 2021

The AM-SURE program will take place from June 1st - July 30th 2021, most likely in virtual format but with potentially some in-person activities. The following students will take part in the program:

  1. Sara Yacoub
    Mentor: Laurel Ohm
    Pattern Formation in Active Suspensions

  2. Sean Mackin
    Mentor: Andrew Davis
    Graph-theoretic Markov Methods for Modelling Arctic Sea Ice

  3. Johanna McCombs
    Mentors: Sophie Marbach and Brennan Sprinkle
    Particle Fluctuations in Ion Channels (see also this presentation )

  4. William Lu
    Mentor: Forian Wechsung
    Faster solution of multiple linear systems via Block Conjugate Gradient (see also this presentation )

  5. Liam Carpenter
    Mentor: Silvia Espinosa
    Simulating Poloidal Impurity Variation in the Tokamak Edge

  6. Mengjian Hua
    Mentor: Charlie Peskin
    An Analysis of the Numerical Stability of the Immersed Boundary Method (see also this ArXiv paper preprint)

  7. Khola Jamshad
    Mentor: Charlie Peskin
    Chirality in Modelling of Nodal Cilia Movement

  8. Kerun Xu
    Mentor: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
    Improvement of Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm on Manifold

  9. Mian Wang
    Mentor: Yunan Yang
    Steady-state solution for the Continuity Equation

  10. Kishore Basu
    Mentors: Aleks Donev and Ondrej Maxian
    Reaction-Diffusion Modelling for the Cross-Linking of Actin Gels (see movie below from this presentation )


AM-SURE 2020

While the AM-SURE program was cancelled in the Summer of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, there were a number of students that were transfered into the SURE program and co-funded, and did research remotely on the following projects:

  1. Modeling and Simulation of Bacteria Population Dynamics using Markov Chain, Amy Dai with Eric Vanden-Eijnden as mentor.
  2. Mathematical Model for an Optimally Fenestrated Fontan Circulation, Zan Ahmad with mentor Charles Puelz.
  3. Inverse Scattering and Riemann-Hilbert Problems, Ron Nissim with mentor Perci Deift.
  4. Latent Factor Discovery in Markov Process through Optimal Transport, Nhi Pham with mentor Esteban Tabak.
  5. Optimal Transport Based Incomplete Data Clustering and Imputation, Junyi Bob Zou with mentor Esteban Tabak.
  6. Active Particles in Active EnvironmentsTanya Wang with mentors Sophie Marbach and Ruben Zakine (see movie below).

AM-SURE 2019

The AM-SURE 2019 program took place May 28-Aug 2 in the summer of 2019, and was coordinated by Rob Webber and Charles Puelz. Below is a list of students, their mentors and projects (topic and reports).

1. Vaisnav Gajaraj
Mentor: Esteban Tabak
Weighted Adaptive Optimal Transport Using Quasi Newton Methods

2. Paulina Czarnecki
Mentors: Calina Copos and Jennifer Crodelle
Building a mathematical model of the Merkel cell

3. Zach Danial
Mentor: Charles Puelz
Modeling Differences between Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Configurations

4. Alexandre Milewski
Mentor: Esteban Tabak
A Minmax algorithm for Optimal Transportation

5. Yuliang "Scott" Shi
Mentor: Charles Peskin
Synchrony and Asynchrony of a Neural Population with Spontaneous Leaking and Shunting Inhibitions

6. Guanhua Sun
Mentor: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
The Dynamics of a Polygon in a Swirling System (see below)

AM-SURE 2018

The AM-SURE 2018 program took place May 29-Aug 3 in the summer of 2018, and was coordinated by Jason Kaye and Pejman Sanaei. Below is a list of students, their mentors and projects (topic and reports).

1. Peilin Zhen
Mentor: Dimitris Giannakis
ENSO Forecasting Using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

2. Alexandra Kuznetsov
Mentor: Charlie Peskin
Fluid Dynamics of Fetal Circulation

3. Taylor Meredith
Mentors: Jennifer Crodelle & Calina Copos
A Mathematical Model of the Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle Contraction

4. Nick Lewis
Mentor: Leif Ristroph
Force Analysis on Swimming Bodies in Stable Configurations

5. Ling Lan
Mentor: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
Self-Folding Metasheets: Folded States and Assignments of Fewest Creases

6. Tianrui Xu
Mentor: Charlie Peskin
Mathematical Models for Red Blood Cells (see animation below)