Each summer the RTG hosts an undergraduate summer research program, coordinated by RTG postdocs and graduate students. Students perform research under the guidance of a faculty or postdoctoral mentor, they attend and present in group meetings, and write a final research report with the help of the coordinators. Students also present their research to the RTG community and the broader department.

Below are some projects that have been done in the AM-SURE program.

AM-SURE 2018

The AM-SURE 2018 program took place May 29-Aug 3 in the summer of 2018, and was coordinated by Jason Kaye and Pejman Sanaei. Below is a list of students, their mentors and projects (topic and reports).

1. Peilin Zhen
Mentor: Dimitris Giannakis
ENSO Forecasting Using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces

2. Alexandra Kuznetsov
Mentor: Charlie Peskin
Fluid Dynamics of Fetal Circulation

3. Taylor Meredith
Mentors: Jennifer Crodelle & Calina Copos
A Mathematical Model of the Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle Contraction

4. Nick Lewis
Mentor: Leif Ristroph
Force Analysis on Swimming Bodies in Stable Configurations

5. Ling Lan
Mentor: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
Self-Folding Metasheets: Folded States and Assignments of Fewest Creases

6. Tianrui Xu
Mentor: Charlie Peskin
Mathematical Models for Red Blood Cells (see animation below)

AM-SURE 2019

The AM-SURE 2019 program took place May 28-Aug 2 in the summer of 2019, and was coordinated by Rob Webber and Charles Puelz. Below is a list of students, their mentors and projects (topic and reports).

1. Vaisnav Gajaraj
Mentor: Esteban Tabak
Weighted Adaptive Optimal Transport Using Quasi Newton Methods

2. Paulina Czarnecki
Mentors: Calina Copos and Jennifer Crodelle
Building a mathematical model of the Merkel cell

3. Zach Danial
Mentor: Charles Puelz
Modeling Differences between Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Configurations

4. Alexandre Milewski
Mentor: Esteban Tabak
A Minmax algorithm for Optimal Transportation

5. Yuliang "Scott" Shi
Mentor: Charles Peskin
Synchrony and Asynchrony of a Neural Population with Spontaneous Leaking and Shunting Inhibitions

6. Guanhua Sun
Mentor: Miranda Holmes-Cerfon
The Dynamics of a Polygon in a Swirling System (see below)