This proposal is not centered on a single research project; very many are to take place. The common theme is that they all involve mathematical modeling and simulation in order to understand highly coupled and inter-connected systems. Specific examples include combined experimental, theoretical and computational studies of hydrodynamics of passive and active colloidal suspensions,  as well as modeling and simulation of unsteady flow-structure interactions.

Here is a news article describing groundbreaking research performed in the applied math lab on how birds breathe more efficiently than humans. PI Ristroph and AM-SURE undergraduate student Guanhua Sun are both co-authors for this work, which was also featured in the NSF "Loopholes for Life" Discovery Files.

Here you can find reports on undergraduate research performed in the AM-SURE program.

Postdocs and students supported by this RTG should acknowledge the support of the RTG in publications, posters and presentations as follows: “[author name] was supported in part by the Research Training Group in Modeling and Simulation funded by the National Science Foundation via grant RTG/DMS – 1646339”.