Postdoctoral Research

Charles Puelz

Charles Puelz is interested in mathematical modeling, numerical methods for partial differential equations, and fluid dynamics, with a particular emphasis on cardiovascular mechanics (image of full heart immersed boundary model on right).

Brennan Sprinkle

Brennan Sprinkle's research focuses on passive and active colloidal suspensions. He develops novel numerical methods for Brownian Dynamics of suspensions, and works with experimental groups in physics (Paul Chaikin at NYU, Michelle Driscoll at Northwestern) and chemical engineering (Ning Wu at Colorado School of Mines) to apply the methods to problems of interest. Examples include the study of collective dynamics of microrollers (picture on right, or see animation), sedimentation of colloidal monolayers down an inclined plane, and the study of magnetically-driven colloidal chains.

Silvia Espinosa

Silvia Espinosa's research within the RTG focuses on fusion energy (illustration on right by Francis Scialabba)The fusion community has created ‘mini-Suns on Earth’ to obtain unlimited, cheap, safe and clean energy. As little as two liters of water and 250g of stones are enough to cover a European family’s demand for energy for an entire year. In addition, the clean and harmless fusion product is the helium that fills children balloons. 

Pejman Sanaei

Pejman Sanaei's research within the RTG focused on fluid mechanics. He used deterministic and stochastic approaches to mathematical modeling in the areas of tissue engineering, membrane filtration, and atmospheric erosion of meteors (picture on right). More detaiils can be found on his professional homepage.