AM-SURE 2018 Participants

Alexandra Kuznetsov

As a math major on the pre-health track, I am interested in how mathematical modeling of physiological systems can help determine the most efficient courses of treatment. I am particularly interested in the human cardiac system. This summer, I am working with Professor Peskin on creating a robust, fluid dynamics model of fetal congenital heart disease, which will hopefully be able to demonstrate how surgical corrections are able to resolve the disease's complications.

Ling Lan

Ling Lan is a senior student who is major in Honors Mathematics and minor in computer science. She is interested in numerical methods and in mathematical modeling of various fields. In summer 2018, Ling is working with Miranda Holmes-Cerfon on modeling and simulating self-folding origami.

Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis is a senior majoring in Math at the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). His primary interests include fluid dynamics and biophysics. Currently, he is working under the supervision of Professor Leif Ristroph to investigate the existence of stable points in migratory bird flight formations.

Taylor Meredith

As a mathematics major and pre-medical student, I am particularly interested in how mathematics can be applied to biology through the use of mathematical models and simulations. I am currently working on creating a model for motor neuron stimulation of muscle contractions and the force that is produced as a result. Through the use of ODEs to describe calcium dynamics and muscle force generation, coupled to action potentials in the neuromuscular junction, I hope to not only model this as a healthy process but also model where problems occur in a variety of neuromuscular diseases.

Guanhua Sun

I'm Guanhua, a math major senior. My project aims to simulate an experiment, conducted by AML, in investigating a fluid dynamics phenomenon ("unidirectional flow") that observed in avian respiratory systems. By simulations we wish to understand more about the phenomenon, and extend those understandings to similar fields. I'm advised by Prof. Charles Peskin and the AML (Applied Mathematics Lab).

Tianrui Xu

Tianrui Xu is an Undergraduate student advised by Charles S. Peskin. Her interests are in mathematical modeling and probability theory. She is currently working on the mathematical models for red blood cell and its exocytosis process.

Peilin Zhen

Peilin Zhen is a rising junior working with Dimitris Giannakis. Her interests lie in the interdisciplinary applications of data science and machine learning. Currently she is working on observing and characterizing the pattern of climate phenomena such as El Nino Southern Oscillation using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space techniques to identify coherent temporal patterns in sea surface temperature data.