Faculty Profile

Photograph of Paul Bourgade

Paul Bourgade

Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 603


Ph.D., Mathematics, Université Paris 6, France, 2009.
M.S., Probability, Université Paris 6, France, 2007.
M.S., Computer Science, Telecom Paris, France, 2007.
B.S., Mathematics and Physics, École Polytechnique, France, 2006.

Research Interests

My research lies in probability theory (random matrices, stochastic analysis) and its connections with other domains of mathematics (partial differential equations, analytic number theory). My current main interest is in the random matrix universality class, a paradigm for complex statistical physics statistics.

Selected Publications

P. Bourgade, H.-T. Yau and J. Yin, "The local circular law for random matrices", Probability Theory and Related Fields 159, no. 3-4, 545-595 (2014)
P. Bourgade and J. Kuan, "Strong Szegő asymptotics and zeros of the zeta function", Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 67, no. 6, 1028–1044 (2014)
P. Bourgade, L. Erdos and H.-T. Yau, "Universality of general beta ensembles", Duke Mathematical Journal 163, no. 6, 1127-1190 (2014)