Undergraduate Tutoring Center

All tutoring sessions are walk-in only during the scheduled times listed on the room calendars. There are no reservations.

All tutoring is held in Warren Weaver Hall, rooms 505 and 524. Please click on the room number to see the tutoring schedule for that room.

Understanding the room calendars: The department may use these rooms for other functions so the calendar will say "Undergrad Math Tutor" after the tutor's name, which indicates that it is a tutoring session.

Students can attend any tutoring session for assistance in the following courses:

  • MATH-UA 009 Algebra & Calculus
  • MATH-UA 121 Calculus I
  • MATH-UA 122 Calculus II
  • MATH-UA 123 Calculus III
  • MATH-UA 140 Linear Algebra
  • Any name that has ** next to it is able to tutor MATH-UA 120 Discrete Mathematics.
  • Tutoring for MATH-UA 325 Analysis and/or MATH-UA 343 Algebra is offered at the discretion of the department. An appointment will have "Analysis Tutor" and/or "Algebra Tutor" listed after the tutor's name if it is being offered that semester.

For questions about tutoring services in the Math Department, please contact the Program Administrator, Dana Jaggi at djaggi@cims.nyu.edu.

If you are interested in applying to be a tutor in the Math Department, please visit: Work Opportunities in the Math Department.