Departmental Leadership

Position Email Phone Office
Bruce Kleiner
Department Chair
bkleiner 8-3214 629 WWH
Erwin Lutwak
Deputy Chair for Tandon (646) 997-3366 RH 321H
Sinan Gunturk
Director of Graduate Studies, PhD Program
gunturk 8-3246 660 WWH
Yuri Bakhtin
Director of Graduate Studies, Masters in Mathematics
bakhtin 8-3106 713 WWH
Alex Donev
Director of Graduate Studies, Masters in Scientific Computing
donev 2-7315 1016 WWH
Oliver Buhler
Director of Undergraduate Studies
buhler 8-3265 1013 WWH
Matthew Leingang
Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs
leingang 8-3107 726 WWH

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