Faculty Profile

Yu Chen

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 1126


Ph.D., Mathematics, Yale University, USA, 1991.
M.S., Mathematics, Yale University, USA, 1988.
B.S., Mathematics, Tsinghua University (Beijing), China, 1982.

Research Interests

Inverse scattering theory and computation, Ill-posed problems, Scientific computing, Sparse solution of integral equations, FM theory and applications for imaging and sensing.

Selected Publications

Y. Chen, "Inner product quadratures", arXiv:1205.0601 (2012)
Y. Chen, "On the shielding effect of the Helmholtz equation", Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 61, no. 5, 627-638 (2008)
Y. Chen and V. Rokhlin, "On the Inverse Scattering Problem for the Helmholtz Equation in One Dimension", Inverse Problems 8, 365-391 (1992)