Faculty Profile

Photograph of Stephen Childress

Stephen Childress

Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 1306


Ph.D., Aeronautics and Mathematics, Califormia Institute of Technology, USA, 1961.
M.S.E., Aeronautical Engineering, Princeton University, USA, 1958.
B.S.E., Aeronautical Engineering, 1956.

Research Interests

Classical fluid mechanics, asymptotic methods and singular perturbations, geophysical fluid dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and dynamo theory, mathematical models in biology, and locomotion in fluids. My current research interests concern vorticity growth in Euler flows of an incompressible fluid in three dimensions.

Select Publications

S. Childress, "New Solutions of the Kinematic Dynamo Problem", J. Math Physics 11 (1970)
S. Childress and J.K. Percus, "Nonlinear Aspects of Chemotaxis", Math. Biosciences 56 (1981)
S. Childress, "Nearly two-dimensional solutions of Euler's equations", Phys. Fluids 30 (1987)
S. Childress, "Growth of anti-parallel vorticity in Euler flows", Physica D 237 (2008)

Research Groups