Faculty Profile

Photograph of Leslie Greengard

Leslie Greengard

Silver Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 1117


Ph.D., Computer Science, Yale University, USA, 1987.
M.D., Yale University, USA, 1987.
B.A., Mathematics, Wesleyan University, USA, 1979.

Research Interests

Research in my group focuses on integral equation methods for electromagnetics, acoustics, elasticity, plasma physics and fluid dynamics. We are developing fast solvers for each of these applications in complex geometry, and extending “analysis-based fast solvers ” to kernel-based methods in statistical inference.

Selected Publications

L. Greengard and V. Rokhlin, "A Fast Algorithm for Particle Simulations", Journal of Computational Physics 73, 325-348 (1987)
C.L. Epstein, Z. Gimbutas, L. Greengard, A. Kloeckner, and M. O'Neil, "A Consistency Condition for the Vector Potential in Multiply-Connected Domains", IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 49, 1072-1076 (2013)
A. Kloeckner, A. Barnett, L. Greengard, and M. O'Neil, "Quadrature by Expansion: A New Method for the Evaluation of Layer Potentials", Journal of Computational Physics 252, 332-349 (2013)