Faculty Profile

Photograph of Aaditya Rangan

Aaditya Rangan

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 1101


Ph.D., Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, USA, 2003.
B.A., Mathematics and Physics, Dartmouth College, USA, 1999.

Research Interests

I have recently been trying to understand some of the different kinds of dynamics which can emerge in neuronal networks. To this end, I’ve focused mainly on the insect olfactory system and the mammalian primary visual cortex. I’ve also been developing tools for detecting various types of structure within large data sets, focusing mainly on finding ‘biclusters’ within gene-expression and SNP data.

Selected Publications

A.V. Rangan and L.S. Young, "Emergent dynamics in a model of the visual cortex", Journal of Computational Neuroscience 35, 155-167 (2013)
A.V. Rangan, "Functional Roles for Synaptic-Depression within a Model of the Fly Antennal Lobe", PLoS Computational Biology 8, no. 8, e1002622, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002622 (2012)
A.V. Rangan, "A simple filter for detecting low-rank submatrices", Journal of Computational Physics 231, no. 7, 2682-2690 (2012)