Faculty Profile

Photograph of John Rinzel

John Rinzel

Professor of Neural Science and Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 919


Ph.D., Mathematics, New York University’s Courant Institute, USA, 1973.
M.S., Mathematics, New York University’s Courant Institute, USA, 1968.
B.S., Engineering, University of Florida, USA, 1967.

Research Interests

My research is in computational neuroscience. I seek to understand the dynamics of neuronal systems, computations and behaviors. Current projects involve developing, analyzing and testing physiologically-based models for cellular integration and excitability, for auditory pathways of sound localization, for novelty detection and perception in multisource and ambiguous auditory scenes.

Selected Publications

R. Moreno-Bote, J. Rinzel, and N. Rubin, "Noise-induced alternations in an attractor network model of perceptual bistability", Journal of Neurophysiology 98, 1125-1139 (2007)
Y. Gai, B. Doiron, V. Kotak, and J. Rinzel, "Slope-based stochastic resonance: How noise enables phasic neurons to encode slow signals", PLoS Computational Biology 6, no. 6, e1000825 (2010)
J. Rinzel and G. Huguet, "Nonlinear Dynamics of Neuronal Excitability, Oscillations, and Coincidence Detection", Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics 66, 1464-1494 (2013)