Complex variables II(G63.2460/V63.0394)

Spring 2007

Professor Stephen Childress

                                                                                                                       (, X3135, 717 WWH)

Tuesday, 5:10-7:00 pm in WWH 1013.

 Office Hours: Tuesdays 4-5pm, Thursdays  10-11am, or by appointment.

This course  begin in the Brown and Churchill text where CV I left off.
Other useful texts are listed below. The format of the course will be as in CV I, but other texts, all on reserve in the CIMS Library, will be
used for sources of material.  The book by Ablowitz and Fokas is one you might want to purchase as a secondary text. It has not been ordered for the bookstore, but you can obtain it from online sources.

Text: Complex Variables and Applications, by Brown and Churchill (7th addition)--Available at the NYU bookstore  and on reserve in the Courant Library.

Other reference texts: Complex Analysis by Ahlfors. A more abstract take on the subject, the text used in the one-semester graduate course.
                                          Complex Variables by Ablowitz and Fokas. A newer text, accessible and complete.
                                          Introduction to Complex Analysis by Nehari. A good basic text.
                                          Conformal Mapping by Nehari. An advanced treatment, primarily for this semester.

                                           All of the above available on reserve in the Courant Library.

Tentative Syllabus