Faculty Profile

Photograph of Antoine Cerfon

Antoine Cerfon

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Warren Weaver Hall, Office 1011


Ph.D., Applied Plasma Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 2010.
M.S., Nuclear Science and Engineering, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France, 2005.
B.S., Mathematics and Physics, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France, 2003.

Research Interests

The evolution of high temperature and/or low density plasmas is determined by the six-dimensional Vlasov-Maxwell system. Solving such a high-dimensional system numerically is very computationally intensive, currently requiring simulations to be run on the largest supercomputers in the world. My research focuses on the development of asymptotic models and advanced numerical methods designed to improve the efficiency of plasma simulation codes. The main applications of interest are in magnetically confined fusion plasmas, and in particle accelerator beams.

Selected Publications

L.F. Ricketson and A.J. Cerfon, "Sparse grid techniques for particle-in-cell schemes", Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 59, 024002 (2017)
A.J. Cerfon, "Vortex dynamics and shear-layer instability in high-intensity cyclotrons", Physical Review Letters 116, 174801 (2016)
A. Pataki, A.J. Cerfon, J.P. Freidberg, L. Greengard, and M. O'Neil, "A fast, high-order solver for the Grad-Shafranov equation", Journal of Computational Physics 243, no. 28 (2013)