DEI Reading Group

This reading group is a biweekly discussion among graduate students, postdocs, and faculty at Courant to educate ourselves on issues about diversity, equity and inclusion in our community. These are relatively informal discussions that center on a short article, research paper, or lecture that is read by participants prior to the meeting. Each meeting, a new volunteer discussion leader chooses the reading and leads the conversation.

Discussions are every other Friday in WWH 1314 from 11:30AM - 12:30PM.

If you are interested in attending or leading a meeting, please contact one of

  • Olivia Pomerenk, op554 [at] nyu [dot] edu

  • Brennan Sprinkle, bs162 [at] nyu [dot] edu

Seminar Organizer(s): Olivia Pomerenk, Brennan Sprinkle

There are no events for this seminar for Spring 2022.