Math Competitions

There are a number of opportunities for undergraduate students interested in Math to compete with their peers nation-wide.

COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) is an international contest for high school students and college undergraduates. It challenges teams of students to clarify, analyze, and propose solutions to open-ended problems. The contest attracts diverse students and faculty advisors from over 900 institutions around the world.

Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), is an extension of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). It is designed to develop and advance interdisciplinary problem-solving skills as well as competence in written communication.

William Lowell Putnam Competition

The mathematics Department participates in the annual William Lowell Putnam Competition, a mathematics competition open to all undergraduate mathematics students in the U.S.A. and Canada.

In recent years, New York University has been among the top six colleges participating in this exam. Two of our undergraduates were in the top 5 during the last five years, an impressive record. The exam takes place in December of each year. Information about the actual exam can be found on the Putnam website.

Preparation sessions for the exam are open to all interested students. For more information, please contact the Program Administrator, Jackie Tucciarone, at