M.S. at Graduate School of Arts & Science Overview

Our master's programs offer students who hold bachelor degrees in mathematics and related fields an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in several fields of mathematics and its applications by providing further courses at the upper-division and beginning graduate levels. The wide and varied choice of courses reflects the Courant Institute's long tradition of multidisciplinary research and education, rooted in the strong interactions between the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Computer Science, and the Center for Data Science.

The particular nature and focus of the three programs we offer, M.S in Mathematics, M.S in Scientific Computing, and M.S in Mathematics in Finance, is discussed in detail in the pages in this site dedicated to each program.

The master's programs are not intended primarily as preparation for the PhD programs. Adequately prepared students whose ultimate objective is the PhD are advised to apply directly to the PhD programs. However, students who apply to the PhD program and are not accepted may be considered for the master's programs.

Departmental financial support in the form of MacCracken fellowships is not available to master's students. Information regarding financial aid, both at NYU and external, can be found here.


 M.S. in Mathematics

 M.S. in Scientific Computing

 M.S. in Mathematics in Finance

 Non-Degree Study